Sunday, July 17, 2011

another 7 months!

don't have discussion with my future family in law..don't have a specific date on our wedding..but in feb or march!

and still don't have any preparation


i don't know how to start...where do i start? 

attire?.. now!..kang ada yang makin gemok or mkin kurus..OH TIDAK!

i want shopping with my fiance..should be end of this year...during BIG SALE!
actually he is still in quarantine..OMG!!

andaman package?
i got one!..just survey..the package is really nice with affordable price.. which is including photographer, dais, make-up, attires, gown and coat and the accessories! in Meru, Klang! 

Official Photographer
my friend business'..  just viable confirmation without pay any deposit!

wedding card?
wait!..jangan gelojoh!

still discuss with my mom

sponsored by my parents..thank you both...i really love u!


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